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Proudly Introducing…

Meet Jack. Also, meet my rug, day two. As I was snapping a few photos Sunday night, Jack flew into the living room insisting on his own photo shoot. You must understand, taking a photo of Baby J is nearly impossible. His multi-colored eyes and severe underbite (not pictured), combined with his greyhound speed do not allow for a ton of frame worthy photos. Rewind to December 1, 2011: Jack received all of his advent calendar treats during our holiday photo shoot while I begged him to do all of his tricks and commands, which he did ONLY long enough to receive his treat. With each click of the camera, I watched my dreams of the perfect Christmas card end with a blurred vision of my little angel.

When all 8.6 pounds of this rambunctious, squirrel-chasing, hole-digging, anything-licking, everyone-loving mama’s boy posed himself perfectly and barked for my attention, there was no way I was passing on the opportunity to catch this sweet face. His quizzical expression sums his little personality up perfectly. While he may have nothing to do with food or fashion, he’s definitely family. Friends, Meet Jack. The cutest kid on the block.


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