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Pour the Solo Cup

Grab your solo cup and let's start pouring...

PAINT, that is! With just a few craft supplies, your toddlers will be on the way to creating marbled masterpieces.

You’ll need:

• Canvas (ours were 5x5”)

• Acrylic paint or pouring paint (if using acrylic, you’ll mix in a bit water to thin the paint) - use 2 or 3 different colors that compliment each other. We used pink & orange for one canvas and blue & white for the second canvas

•3 solo cups for each canvas (more if you’re really making a giant masterpiece)

•Drop cloth

•Artist smock is optional, yet highly recommended

•Adorable kiddo

Directions: spread drop cloth on table, turn two solo cups right side down, place canvas right side up on solo cups, pour paint into third solo cup alternating colors - blue, white, blue, white and so on until the cup is about 1/2 full. Then POUR the paint onto the center of the canvas. Next, hold the ends of the canvas gently on the sides and tilt the canvas in different directions until the paint covers the canvas. Place canvas back on the two solo cups and let dry. Prepare for dripping! You can use a popsicle stick to catch the dripping paint, or you can be like me and let the drop cloth collect all the excess.

I hope your cutie pie loves this activity and will be excited to display the quick and easy masterpiece!


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