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Taking It All In

Dress: C.Luce; Belt & Hat: Target; Watch: Michael Kors; Shoes: Tory Burch; Sunglasses: Tiffany & Co; Bracelets

I’m searching for a body double, and only serious applicants should apply. I’ve been running in so many directions lately, that my prized multi-tasking skills have been put to the test. Some days, I’ve failed miserably trying to pack so much in. While there wasn’t a lot of down time during our weekend visit to Lake Martin with my family (two little nephews keep you moving), it was a welcome getaway to spend time with the people I love and drink lots of coffee. Of course, all of the forget-me-not happenings of the past week are sprinkled with some please-forget-me moments.


Adam Scott in all of his beauty (and his hole in one!) at Augusta National, errrr I mean, Spending time with J at his favorite place on earth.

Pulling down the steep drive way at the lake to be welcomed by my nephews

Proving aPrincesscan catch the biggest fish of the day

Wearing my DVF wedges (simlar style here)that have been patiently waiting in my closet since January

One hour of solitude in the middle of the lake, on a raft, soaking up the sun

“Camping Out” on the living room floor with my nephews (now, a five year tradition at the lake)

Sweet kisses from baby Jack after his weekend with our dog sitter

An evening walk that turned into a lawn party at our neighbor’s house

Four car naps while John drove to Augusta and the lake – car naps are some of the best sleep I ever get!

Bubba Watson slipping into the green jacket on Sunday evening

Snickers mini ice cream bars


Walking to the restroom after a big meeting to find your two front teeth stained with orange-red lipstick

Habin the skin on my face shed like a snake’s after over-exposure to the sun

Silk Dress + No Slip + Static + Wind = What the Heck was I Thinking Yesterday???

The moment when you realize the thought in your head to tell someone to please just “Shut Up,” is no longer just a thought because your mouth has taken on a life of it’s own and has, in fact, actually done just what you were thinking. I told you my multi-tasking skills have been compromised due to lack of sleep and running like a mad woman.

The “Please-Forget-Me’s” may be slim so far, i must remind you, it’s only Wednesday. This list will undoubtedly grow. Do you have any moments to share?


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