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I love brunch. And what goes better with brunch than a mimosa? It’s simple – foolproof, really. And it’s fun to serve company.

The Champagne: For starters, buy a nice, dry champagne. I prefer to Vueve Cliquot if I’m treating myself to a Saturday morning brunch. You can find a lovely Prosecco for around $15, but don’t lower your standards. Anything below $10, and you’ll end your lovely brunch with a headache.

The Orange Juice: Fresh squeezed, please. My grandmother always squeezed orange juice for me when I spent the night with her. It’s still a favorite memory, and there’s a reason for that. It was special – it took time. And feeling special is exactly what we want a guest in our home to feel.

The Blend: Equal parts champagne and orange juice are key. Add the champange first, then the juice. This allows the beverage to mix on its own and eliminates a sticky mess. And for the love of all things bubbly, please do not stir! Your bubbles will pop – and the only pop should come from the opening of another bottle of champagne! I prefer to add a splash of Grand Marnier to my mimosas – so experiment in your kitchen, too!

Chill Out: The absolute worst way to serve a mimosa is warm. Keep your champagne and juice cold and pour them up just as you are ready to serve your guests!


Photo 1: Barnsley Garden Resort / Dress: Lilly Pulitzer; Clutch: JCrew Factory; Sunglasses: Target

Photo 2: Bergdorf Goodman / Sunglasses: Tom Ford; Scarf: Johnny Was


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