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A Fresh Coat

After purchasing our 1957 ranch-style home four years ago, we have experienced the highs and lows of home ownership. Always the couple searching for a new project, we have found ourselves to ALWAYS have something to do. For us, the interior was what we wanted to tackle first, and the exterior was just a paint peeling, 1,500 square foot, brick building. After a few quotes from painters, we decided we’d just have to live with the chipped pieces. Then, the home renovation angels began to rejoice for my dad volunteered for Freeman Home Improvement Project 2012! Hallelujah! My dad is not one for hearts, butterflies and long walks on the beach, but I can tell you that working from before the sun came up until after the sun had long set to make sure everything at our house was just perfect before he left is just one of the many languages of love my dad speaks to me. I’m a lucky girl to have such a talented dad who gives so generously of his time. Enjoy!

The front door and wreath (after).

Before: As you can see, the dark shutters and dark door do little to give our house the personality of the people who live inside. It’s simply flat and boring. Also, I failed miserably to capture how terrible the paint looked. I also failed to snap any during pictures. Which you should thank me for that because dad, mom, John and I were one dirty and paint-covered bunch. Anyway, aside from a few blooming plants, it’s rather dull and boring.

Before, again.

This just makes me shout, “TADA!!!!” A front porch with personality! I’m slightly obsessed with the front door. When I applied the first coat of paint, Dad and John’s eyes looked the size of softballs. After the third coat, we all agreed, I was RIGHT…as usual.

New numbers on the front gable.

Jack couldn’t be more excited about our new porch benches. We do hope you’ll stop by, enjoy a glass of sweet tea and visit with us for a while.

The inside of our little castle has even more personality…more on that later.

Potted hydrangeas on the front porch.

What I really need to say is a GIANT “THANK YOU” to my parents for all of their hard work this past week. I should also probably say “I’m sorry,” to all of our neighbors. Please forgive the loud pressure washer you heard every night until around 11PM. The before and after shots really don’t do all the work justice, thought it does explain why I’ve been MIA for two weeks (week one was the laundry room redo…more later).

Unfortunately, my dad didn’t have a relaxing Father’s Day, but we did buy him a new orbit sander. I cannot promise I do not have a project in mind! Here’s hoping your dad had a Happy Father’s Day!


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