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Mess-Free Art Project

Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Well, hold on to the seat of your pants because this is one art project you can do with your kids and NOT have a MESS! Now, I'm not offering a money back or cleaning your space guarantee should there be a spill or mess created, but chances are any mess made will be minimal.

Birdie loves to do art projects - painting, coloring, chalk creations on the concrete, you name it and she loves to start creating her very own "masterpieces." As with most toddlers, adult supervision is required, but help is not wanted. A combination that makes this art project perfect for a cold or rainy afternoon or even a sick day spent at home.

You'll need the following items:

  • Canvas - whatever size you wish

  • Acrylic paints - I purchase paints for kid art projects at Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Dollar General and The Dollar Tree. Truthfully, when it comes to art projects for Birdie, I love grabbing the acrylics at the dollar store because well, they're one dollar. I often purchase her canvases there, too. Occasionally, she's lucky and gets to snag one of my nicer canvases stored away for my art projects.

  • Tape

  • Rolling pin (any rolling pin is fine - Birdie's came out of a baking set I bought from her and it was perfect because it wasn't heavy and I didn't have to worry about one of my rolling pins getting ruined.

  • Drop cloth - always be prepared for an oopsie mess!

  • Baby wipes - because what mama ever does anything without baby wipes on hand?

  • Paper towels

Now that you're set with supplies, let's get started!

Pull off enough aluminum foil to cover the canvas - you'll want enough to go around each side so you're able to tape the sides down on the back of the canvas.

Squeeze out blobs of acrylic paint onto the canvas - no rhyme or reason necessary. Just let your inner creative take over and get to squeezing!

Secure the foil to the canvas.

Give your toddler the foil covered canvas and let her go to town with her rolling pin! Roll, smack, slap, whatever! Just move all along the canvas to get the paint to cover the surface.

Lift the aluminum foil and add more globs of paint to the canvas. Repeat until you're all happy with the masterpiece!

I love Birdie's expression here! She knows she's created something fabulous!

Get creative and add gold foil, glitter, or any other item your toddler would like to add! We also like to take a scrunched up piece of paper towel and dab the paint to add texture. Wren also loves to sling paint to the finishing touch to her masterpiece! I do recommend any paint slinging to be done outside in an area that's covered properly or won't matter if the paint flies past the canvas!

TA-DA!!! Birdie's Mess-Free Masterpiece!

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